Church Service – Friendship Baptist Church

This is a really great 45 minute service from the Friendship Baptist Church in Toledo. Lots of singing and dancing and the importance of being open with your heart before you are ready to receive because God ready your heart first.


Is it Worth Using a Car Valeting Service in Leeds?

If you like your cars but you don’t have much free time on your hands, you might want to think about looking for a decent reliable mobile car valeting service.
Blue Valeted Pantera CarHere in the city of Leeds there are literally dozens of valeting options available so it’s well worth your while to shop around in order to find the very best service available. And if you’re going to be using a valeting service on a regular basis, then you really need to find somebody who can show up on time and get the job done properly without any issues.

A basic valet can start from as little as £10 for a small car, but if you can afford it, you should op for a more upmarket valet such as a full valet, which is typically around £40 – £45 in most cases. Note also that your valeter needs to be reliable, so don’t just go for the cheapest service when you do your search. One recommended company can be found at this Valeting in Leeds Website. These guys will take good care of your vehicle and always show up on time.

you have a classic car or a car that you like to enjoy at the weekend, then you should splash out on the most expensive option. The top end valets usually include things like clay bar treatment, engine cleaning and machine polishing to leave your vehicle looking as if it has just left the showroom.

Make sure also that your chosen valeting company uses only the best products, and if possible, find somebody who is Autoglym registered.
An additional service offered by some Leeds valeting companies is alloy wheel repair and refurbushment. After all, it’s no use spending a lot of money to have your car buffed up all shiny and new if you’re going to leave your alloys all batterer and scuffed!

Overall, using a valeting service to maintain your car in the best possible condition reflects well on the owner and helps to retain the vehicle’s value over time. If you part exchange your car, the dealer will often sent it straign to an auction. The price of a car at auction is largely dependant upon the condition and therefore a well looked after car will get a much better deal.

Plumbing and Heating -Toilet Installation Tips

harrogate-plumber-fitting-toiletInstalling a toilet that won’t rock, go rusty or start to leak can be a trick task if you have no prior plumbing experience and it is therefore recommended that you find a reputable Harrogate plumber for this task. If you do want to have a go yourself, here are some tips from a master plumber to help you succeed:

Before installing the toilet, it’s always a good idea to check for any, cracks or chips that will not only look unsightly, but could potentially lead to problems further down the line.

Next the the bowl is test fitted and if there is any wobble or rocking, some rubber packing is used to rectify the problem. A good plumber will use a spirit level here to ensure that the toilet is level before proceeding any further.

When lowering the toilet into position, the plumber should sit on it in order to provide even pressure to seal the bottom rim evenly to the floor. This is preferable to tightening the toilet down with the bolts, which can leave it lop sided.

Once in position the toilet can be secured with plastic bolts. Plumbers do not use metal bolts for this task, as over tightening them can easily crack the ceramic toilet. This also applies to the installation of the tank at the top – plastic bolts should again be used here to prevent damage from over tightening and everything should be hand tightened first in order to aid alignment.

If you need a new toilet fitting in the Harrogate area, you can find the best plumbing and heating engineers by clicking here.